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Dean/Cas Big Bang '11 Master Post - “Stories From The Far Side Of Town”

Title: “Stories From The Far Side Of Town” Or: “Here, Where Even Angels Fear To Go”
Author: slowsunrise
Artist: nograviity
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural AU / Adventure, romance
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, with a side of Gabriel/Sam
Rating: R
Word Count: 31290
Beta: ladygiggs
Warnings: A little angst, violence as in fist fights, almost death scene

Summary: Fairytale-ish AU. When he was seven, the street kid Dean was saved by an unknown hero. Now, fifteen years later, he's a notorious thief forced to work off his debt at the King's castle. Not letting such an opportunity slip, he tries to steal from the castle. What he didn't expect was running into the ever sick Prince Castiel no one ever sees. Nor did he expect becoming friends with anyone from the Royal family.

Partially inspired by Disney's 'Aladdin' and Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'The Secret Garden'.

This Big Bang is dedicated to my sister Linnea because she is the Sam to my Dean. Happy birthday, bitch.

Art link: Art Masterpost

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Author's Note: Wow, so I actually finished this fic. This feels amazing. Time for that long authors note no one really reads? Okay, I just want to thank you for reading this then, before you close this tab and go on with your normal life. THANK YOU. I really do mean it. It means the world to me that you read my fic.

I have a bunch of people to thank for making my first (!) Big Bang possible:

First off, my sister Linnea. She's the Sam to my Dean and I love her like no other. She's my writing muse and she has been helping me with this fic from the very start. So, this fic is dedicated to her because I have been brainwashing her with slash since she was, I don't know, eleven? I think she deserves this.

I had an awesome artist, [info]nograviity and it was fun working together. She made really amazing art for this fic so go check it out now! :3

More thanks goes to my beta ladygiggsladygiggsfor pitching in with just two days to posting. She saved my ass and all remaining errors are my own. My original beta went MIA, but she helped me out a great deal so huge thanks and bone-crushing hugs for her.

Then we have [info]greensan, my lovely Chopper, who helped me with this fic even if Supernatural isn't her fandom (even if I seem to have converted her lately). She was a great help pushing me to finish this fic and she's just one of my best friends even if I have been a jerk and not been on MSN so much lately.

Also, special mentions to Abi, Erica and Cathy for making Tumblr the magical-unicorn-rainbow-land that it is. I love you guys. Don't ever change.


Me signing up for the Big Bang started like this: One of my favorite authors asked herself if she was going to do the Big Bang and it lead to me questioning myself if that was something for me.  I went to my sister's room to talk about it with her, because we are erotically co-dependent like that. Well, she thought it was a good idea. Time to get a plot. I already had a few fics/ideas started, but they had been on the internet in one way or another, so I needed a new idea. So, we took a midnight walk with the dog and spent three hours walking around talking about blasphemous angel love. Most of the outline for this fic was created during those three hours. I don't remember how it all started, but I do remember us talking about both Disney's 'Aladdin' and Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'The Secret Garden': two big sources to my inspiration for this fic. I actually read the whole 'The Secret Garden' in one sitting in the middle of the night because of this fic.

Enough of nostalgia now though. I started writing, and I have to say that for once I didn't leave everything to the last week. Makes me a bit proud. But, I couldn't have done it without all you lovely people! Hugs for everyone!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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