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Linguistic Alchemy

...and it all started with a Big Bang

Consulting five-year-old
23 August 1992
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Hello there, nice to meet you.

I'm Sara, though some of you know me by a list of other names that is way too long to ramble here. I'm nineteen and from Sweden, so at times my English needs work. I'm not gonna let that get in the way of my writing though. Because writing is what you are going to find on this journal. Writing, random thoughts and some fanart.

The writing are in the form of fanfiction for the fandoms One Piece, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who, and some crossovers between the last three. One Piece was my very first fandom and I have a large collection of fics written for it, but don't expect much of an update. Nowadays I write mostly for Supernatural.

Another change in my writing is that I sign up for a ton of big bangs. Since the posting is limited when it comes to big bang challenges this journal is not going to be updated as much. Aside from writing for all these big bangs, I also create art for them. The masterpost for both fic and art can be found at the top of my journal.

I have a thing for weird tags, but the character/pairing/fandom's name is always the first thing in the tag. Just look for that and you should be fine.

I have a bunch of ships, I write for some of them and read others. I will go down with the Dean/Castiel ship. Other ships are John/Sherlock, Sam/Gabriel, Zoro/Sanji, Smoker/Ace, Crowley/Aziraphale and Erik/Charles. And then of course the ultimate OT3 Bentley/Impala/TARDIS. Fuck yes.

I am also the mod of superwho_bang and goodomensbang.