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We Raced The Sunset (And We Almost Won) - Masterpost

Title: We Raced the Sunset (And We Almost Won)
Rating: PG-13
Author: slowsunrise
Artist: rubystandish
Cheerleader: denig37
Written for: spnslashbigbang
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 17,700
Warnings: Piracy, baby. Some mild violence, people say 'fuck'
Spoilers: I'm using the names Castiel, Gabriel and Balthazar, but really, this AU is kinda spoiler-free.

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Summary: Pirate AU. Dean is the sole survivor after a pirate attack before he is saved by another crew of pirates. At first he hurries to escape, but the ship's doctor Castiel won't let him leave until he is healed. Then again, maybe the pirate life isn't so bad after all. Especially not when Dean has Castiel to take care of him.
Features captain Gabriel, stormy seas and a real treasure hunt where x marks the spot.

The title is from Rise Against's song "Audience of One"


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There is a second part to this verse, written for the gabriel_bigbang. It's both Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel and set a few years after this. This is really me being shameless and hoping that if you enjoyed this you'll read that on too. "A Road That Takes Me Home" can be found here.

Whew, I almost didn't make the deadline for this one. I had double school work, a theatre show, Christmas and a few other big bangs. Still, I pushed on and this is what I created during December month. Now I would like to thank a bunch of people who helped me out with Mission: Impossible.

Sammy, my Sammy, get_themilkjawn. My light in the darkness, my partner in crime tv-watching at 2 am, the Sam to my Dean, the John to my Sherlock and my -insert cheesy phrase here-. No really, she's really my sis Linnea who, well, she is the Sam to my Dean. She's helping me constantly and this bang wasn't an exception. Also, I promised to give her an honorary mention since she gave the pirate ship its name in true SuperWho spirit. 

As mentioned, this is the second fic written for this verse (though it's set first) and denig37 have been an ever so helpful cheerleader for both of them and I have loved working with her. Back and forth the ideas bounced. All in all, she has been supportive and a great friend.

Then we have greensan who is the reason I pushed through at the very end. She supported me on MSN for days in a row and cracked the whip when it was needed. Thanks a bunch, Chopper! :3

rubystandish has created some really nice art, but she can't post to her journal, so please go over to deviantart and give her some love.

Now go read the fic and check-out the art that comes with it because I am out of here with a last "thank you"!


A Road That Takes Me Home - Masterlist

Title: A Road That Takes Me Home
Written for: gabriel_bigbang
Author: slowsunrise
Artist: myfriendfredric
Beta: shadownashira
Cheerleader: denig37
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel with a side of Dean/Cas
Genre: Bashing adventure and dazzling romance
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~22,000
Warnings/Spoilers: Pirate AU, sword fights, cursing, m/m sex scene. Using the names Castiel, Gabriel and Balthazar, but no real plot elements from canon SPN.

Summary: A Pirate AU. Sam is out looking for his brother at sea, when he falls overboard. Before he drowns, he is picked up by a crew of pirates, and among them he finds Dean. Gabriel, the captain, offers Sam a place on the ship, but Sam doesn't want anything to do with pirates, and especially not Gabriel. On the journey back to a harbor to drop Sam off, though, he might just change his mind.

This is the second part of this verse, but it stands alone. The first part was written for spnslashbigbang. "We Raced The Sunset (And We Almost Won)" can be found here.

Link to art: Over here!



A/N: And thus another big bang is done and posted. I have really gotten a taste for these, so it won't be the last either. I think I am a better writer when I have a deadline to work against. Anyway, this has been really fun and as usual, I have a bunch of people to thank.

Let's start with get_themilkjawn, Sammy, John and all other things I call her. She's really my sister Linneaand some of you might tire of how much I talk about her. But to be fair, without her I wouldn't write as much as I do. This big bang would probably have been yet another aborted project if ever started at all. So she deserves my thanks. She also told me to tell you that she was the one to name Gabe's ship.

For this big bang I tried something new and contacted a cheerleader! denig37 proved to be both helpful and wonderful. She supported me through good, bad and stressful times (juggling three big bangs and full-time studies has been an experience). She helped me bounce ideas back and forth and I've had a great time with her!

More kudos goes to my beta, the lovely shadownashira. She has helped improve this fic in more ways than you can imagine, and it wouldn't even be close to what it is today without her. She has suffered through my terrible grammar and helped me fix everything that was odd about the fic. Huge thanks to her! And all remaining errors are mine!

My artist myfriendfredric has unfortunatly gotten sick and will post the art on a later date. Please come back for it then! ETA: Please, go over to her page and shower, just shower her with love because the art she has created is just brilliant!

Then of course there is my honorary mention to greensan because she's just that perfect and we had our fair share of pirate adventures together. She's Chopper and she means alot to me, both as a friend and as a writer.

I had some ideas for thins big bang before I settled on this, but boy am I happy I did? I have always loved pirates, a love that only grew with Pirates of the Caribbean and, of course, the manga One Piece (which was my first big fandom). Both fandoms have inspired this fic, and it's because of them I have decided not to make the fic as historically correct as possible, but more to make it about the bashing adventure and the dazzling romance. I hope I can be forgiven.

When it comes to nautical terms, I have tried to be as correct as possible, but I fear that some of it has been lost in translation. I have spent quite some time on board a three masted schoner over the years so I know my way around a ship, but everything I have ever learned about it is in Swedish. So I excuse any wrongly used terms.

As stated above, there will be a prequel to this, posted on March 22, focusing on Dean and Cas, set a few years before this. There might also be a sequel to this at some point, featuring Lucifer as a pirate lord. It will be a while before I write that though.

But, if you're still reading this: don't. Go read the fic instead. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, comments are always loved.