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Drabbles all around!

Hello guys, a miracle is in the working; I am almost finished with "To Be That Someone That You're With" Chapter nine! Wow! 8D

But, quarantineabra posted a drabble meme today, and I thought 'What the hell, why not?'. So, after I finish Someone 9, I'll start writing some drabbles to practice writing things I don't usually write.

Guidelines are simple, I do pairings, nakamaship and single character drabbles. Yaoi, yuri or het, doesn't matter, but nothing above the rating PG-13, equals no lemons. When prompting, state fandom (One Piece or Fullmetal Alchemist, even though I'm better with OP) character/s and prompt! And do it quick, there are five open spots!

1.quarantineabra Fullmetal Alcemist, Scar & Winry, Runaway
2. zelda_addict  One Piece, Shichibukai, Forced, Failed Teamwork
3. amethyst_turtle One Piece, Bepo & Chopper, Bear & Reindeer Stuff!

Also, my smallest toe on my left foot is bleeding like shit.


Why did I delete all my FMA icons? More space for OP boys D:

But final chapter. Ever. Never any more FMA? Except Brotherhood anime. Somehow that is making me a little sad. You know, I've had two One Piece eras, one when I started reading manga and OP was the one i begun it all with, and then one now on later days, but between those two, I was a Fullmetal Alchemist freak. I even cosplayed Roy once. So kind of my second (once top) fandom's manga ended today.

But, what an ending! Over 100 pages, and a good cover up. FMA is the kind of manga that can't live forever. So, still, I am glad it got the great end it deserved. I'm gonna miss it, and probably reread it one day. But till then: Good bye, Edward, good bye Al and good bye Roy. You have a special place in my heart.

I don't even want to think about One Piece ending. I promise you I'll cry rivers.