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So... Hi.

Our internet has been dead since, well, since June. We got back 2 July from California (which was totally awesome and wonderful in so many ways. I swam with wild dolphns man.) and by then, the internet had been dead for a good few days. I have made do with my phone internet but it's simply not as good as a laptop. We still don't have internet, by the way. We have my mom's internet USB-stick from wok which she took home for "working from home". In reality, she'll be in Spain and I will borrow it for internet. Too bad that the keyboard on her laptop is horrible. So I blame that if I spell something wrong.

In other news I really need to type out my SuperWhoLock big bang fic, because the internet was not the only thing that has been behaving badly. My laptop crashed and I lost a good part of the fic. The deadline is drawing near. Lots of other deadlines now in August. I've done well with the hand-drawn art and boyfriend finally managed to resurrect the scanner today (yes, this is the post where all technology goes to hell) so I'm done with most of that.

I still have work scheduled up for another month which means good money which I'll be needing because guess what? I'm moving away from home. Yay for me. Moving in a month so I'm already deciding what to bring and what to throw away/give away/leave at home. It's scary and great at the same time.

Oh, and if you have missed my shameless advertising, I'm modding both superwho_bang and goodomensbang and sign-ups are open on both communities! Don't miss out!

Gonna go pack up another box and then sleep because while I had today off, I'm gonna haul the long closing down time tomorrow at work, and I need some sleep before that.

Ah, internet is lovely.
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There is a crack ship bang in town and I have signed up for at least two mini bangs, because for once, I have to face the fact that I can't jump every big bang bandwagon. I need to be a part of this though, so mini bang is a go. Do expect some Sam/Gabe and Mycroft/Lestrade when the posting finally begins.
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More promotion

Claims for authors, artists, vidders, podficcers and fanmixers go up February 25th on spn_cinema!


Jupp, I signed up for the SPN_cinema challenge, because I wanna join the fun and 1,000 is really nothing. I claimed X-men: First Class and it's gonna be horrible and so fun to write. Fuck yeah, Bobby/Crowley~

Promotion Banners

Thought that I should post this, if not to get more people to sign up, then to announce that greensan and my co-authored John/Sherlock big bang is going to be awesome. On the off chance that one of my f-list wants to join: come play with us!

Then we have the sherlockrebang!

Come and sign up for sncross_bigbang!

And the spn_adambang

And alskafafas, the SuperWhoLock! Here, swl_bang!

And finally, the timetraveler_bb!